Course Overview

How do you ensure that you’re building the right capabilities to solve the most challenging problems to drive the right business outcomes in your organization?

Learn the foundations of product management for agile teams, including the importance of contextualizing frameworks against the product lifecycle, the core competencies and practices of customer-problem identification and solution discovery, decision support metrics to measure for growth and scaling, and how to action your product roadmap to achieve business objectives.

It’s what we consider a foundational course in enabling the drive towards value realization and adopting an outside-in perspective.


    1. Module 1 Introduction Foundations of Product Management

    2. Meet Your Instructors

    3. Course Expectations.pdf

    4. Lesson 1: What Is Product and Product Management?

    5. Lesson 2: Product Myopia and The Four Myths

    6. Quiz

    7. Lesson 3: The Product Lifecycle

    8. Module 1 Assignment to Submit: Product Launch Failure

    9. Fireside Chat: "R&D Alone Will Ensure Our Growth"

    10. Module 1 Optional Resources

    1. Module 2 Introduction: Design Thinking Customer Discovery

    2. Lesson 1: Why Research?

    3. Lesson 2: Types of Customer Research: Observation, Ethnography and Contextual Inquiry

    4. Quiz

    5. Lesson 3: Planning and Conducting Customer Research

    6. Lesson 4: How To Create Behavioral Impact Personas

    7. Lesson 4 Reading Assignment: "Behavioral Impact Personas for Human-Centered Portfolio Strategy"

    8. Lesson 5: Customer Journey Mapping

    9. Module 2 Assignment to Submit: Create a Behavioral Impact Persona

    10. Fireside Chat: Customer Identification and Journeys

    11. Module 2 Optional Resources

    1. Module 3 Introduction: Agile PM Road Mapping to Releases

    2. Lesson 1: Jobs-to-be-Done

    3. Lesson 2: Creating Alignment Between Strategy and Execution

    4. Lesson 3: Prioritization and Sequencing of Epics

    5. Lesson 3.5: Prioritization and Sequencing of Epics Additional Material

    6. Lesson 4: Building and Future-Proofing the Product Roadmap

    7. Quiz

    8. Lesson 5: How To Impact Map

    9. Module 3 Assignment to Submit: Impact Map Your Existing Epic Backlog

    10. Fireside Chat: 3 Horizons

    11. Module 3 Optional Resources

    1. Module 4 Introduction: Measuring and Managing Product Effectiveness and Growth

    2. Lesson 1: Why Metrics Matter

    3. Lesson 2: Types of Metrics (Strategic/Product/Operations), Leading and Lagging Indicators

    4. Lesson 3: Strategic Metrics (Defining Objectives & Key Results)

    5. Lesson 4: Product North Star Metrics

    6. Quiz

    7. Lesson 5: How To Create Your Product North Star Metric

    8. Module 4 Assignment to Submit: Create Your Product North Star Metric

    9. Lesson 6: Operational Lean/Agile Metrics

    10. Fireside Chat: Measurement and Growth

    11. Module 4 Optional Resources

    1. Live Q&A with your instructors

    2. Live Q&A with your instructors

    3. Live Q&A with your instructors

    4. Live Q&A with your instructors

    5. Live Q&A with your instructors

    6. Live Q&A with your instructors

    7. Live Q&A with your instructors

    8. Live Q&A with your instructors

    9. Live Q&A with your instructors

    10. Live Q&A with your instructors

    11. Live Q&A with your instructors

    12. Live Q&A with your instructors

    13. Live Q&A with your instructors

    14. Live Q&A with your instructors

    15. Live Q&A with your instructors

    16. Live Q&A with your instructors

    17. Live Q&A with your instructors

    18. Live Q&A with your instructors

    19. Live Q&A with your instructors

    20. Live Q&A with your instructors

    21. Live Q&A with your instructors

    22. Live Q&A with your instructors

    23. Live Q&A with your instructors

    24. Live Q&A with your instructors

    25. Live Q&A with your instructors

    26. Live Q&A with your instructors

    27. Live Q&A with your instructors

    28. Live Q&A with your instructors

    29. Live Q&A with your instructors

    30. Live Q&A with your instructors

    31. Live Q&A with your instructors

    32. Live Q&A with your instructors

    33. Live Q&A with your instructors

    34. Live Q&A with your instructors

    35. Live Q&A with your instructors

    36. Live Q&A with your instructors

    37. Live Q&A with your instructors

    38. Live Q&A with your instructors

    39. Live Q&A with your instructors

    40. Live Q&A with your instructors

    41. Live Q&A with your instructors

    42. Live Q&A with your instructors

    43. Live Q&A with your instructors

    44. Live Q&A with your instructors

    45. Live Q&A with your instructors

    46. Live Q&A with your instructors

    47. Live Q&A with your instructors

    48. Live Q&A with your instructors

    49. Live Q&A with your instructors

    50. Live Q&A with your instructors


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Empathy matters
Product innovations

Key Benefits

  • Develop a Strategic Mindset that Anchors Product Strategy

    as the pathway to customer-centricity and top-line growth

  • Analyze New Product Opportunities

    to arrive at trade-off decisions effectively.

  • Identify, Prioritize, and Sequence Product Roadmap

    aligned to strategic objectives.

  • Create Customer Personas, Positioning, and Messaging

    to activate customer behaviors, validate hypotheses, and measure change.

  • Measure and Manage the Performance of the System

    to improve product throughput to accelerate time from idea to cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should take the course?

    Take this course if you...

      » are stuck in a feature factory and would like to reframe your backlog around value
      » are making investment decisions and are unsure about how to measure success
      » are unsure about what skills you need to have to perform as a Product Manager
      » are stuck in your career and are looking to advance your skill set to uplevel your job prospects
      » are looking for a practical approach to Product Management

    Product Management roles manifest in organizations in wildly different ways. Often, a person’s perception on what products and product management is, comes directly from how they are exposed to the role inside a functioning system. In those instances, we have discovered that a gap tends to exist in Product Managers’ understanding and application of foundational product principles versus delivering features on time based on an annually funded project set.

    We have created a practical Product Management Foundations course to help close some of these gaps between organizational customization of the role to a more industry-standard understanding of the role. We did this to help create a better, industry agnostic understanding of product principles and how to place a lens of delivering value to a customer over every product decision you make. This class is best for early-to-mid-career Product Management professionals who are looking to expand their product skills or for mid-career professionals who are looking to make a change to Product Management but might have a technical or Marketing background.

  • What is the learning experience?

    Your learning experience will consist of frameworks delivered via video lectures, real world examples, tailored assignments and quizzes, discussion boards, and instructor engagement via weekly office hours and personalized assignment feedback.

  • How long will the course take?

    We offer registered learners access to the course for 90 days. Learners can expect to dedicate 4-6 hours per week. The course consists of 4 modules and the average time it has taken for a learner to complete the course is 30 days.

    Learners may request an extension to the 90-day availability, to accommodate for business and personal conflicts that may arise during the course timeframe.

  • How is Kuroshio Consulting aligned with the Association of Product Professionals (APP)?

      First, we are proud members of the APP. Second, we have mapped our course to their proficiency framework, so that you can trace how this course is helping you progress towards product proficiency mastery and managing your product career with the same intentionality as you manage your product backlog. Check out our brochure for further details.

  • Who are the instructors?

    William Haas Evans and Jamie Bernard will be your instructors. You learn about their backgrounds in the Who We Are section.

  • Does the course offer community engagement for learners?

    Yes! You can create profiles, collaborate with other learners, engage in discussions, post questions, and interact with the instructors.

  • What are the requirements for accessing the program?

    Participants will need the following to access the Product Strategy program:

      1. Valid email address

      2. Computing device connected to the internet (Mac/PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone)

      3. PDF viewer to access content such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, and transcripts

  • Does the program offer a certificate?

    Yes. Participants will receive a digital certificate of completion. This digital certificate can be shared with colleagues and posted on LinkedIn.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If your purchase was made within 2 business days and the course has not been accessed, we might be able to process a refund. If you do not meet these criteria but would still like to verify if a refund can be processed, please contact us.

Explore membership with APP

We don't get a kickback. These are just good folks doing important work, which we fully support.

  • Benefit by belonging to the industry body for product management. 
  • Have a voice in best product practices.
  • Receive an accredited APP membership badge for your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Access the APP Assessment to discover where you sit in the Product Proficiency framework.
  • Develop your skills through vetted content from thought-leaders around the world in the Product Hub.
  • Apply for their two-way mentorship program.


I would highly recommend this course to my peers and colleagues in the industry. Over the years I have taken various courses on this topic, but found this to be the easiest to follow with clear practical examples and easy to follow explanations. Kudos to the Kuroshio Consulting team for putting this together.

Siddhartha P. (Vice President and Chief Information & Technology Officer)

I would give this a gold star rating of 5/5. I rated 5 stars based on content, expert instructors, engagement, and resources. My class experience turned out great - an excellent value for the price.  This is one of the best online courses that I have taken in my career and the instructors are solid - they are seasoned Product Leaders, so they use real time examples to explain the concepts, have exceptional teaching styles, and covered a range of topics. The instruction is clear and the fireside chats were excellent. On top of everything, it is very practical, and the templates, quiz, assignments, and explanatory videos are very helpful in taking concepts and applying them to the job. An excellent course that I highly recommend for early to mid-career professionals looking to enhance their product management skillset.

Navin L. (Senior Manager, Health System)

I would give this course a 5/5. I have been looking for a course like this for a while. This course covered all my needs. It is very practical and the templates and explanatory videos are very helpful in applying this to what I am doing in my job. You can see the instructors' expertise through this course. I would highly recommend this course!

Salima A. (Manager, Data & Information, Enbridge)

5/5 course - a must take for all levels of product management, especially those transitioning from other positions.  As an agile coach responsible for helping product managers of all levels in the organization and varying levels of experience I feel reinvigorated by the course. There is a treasure trove of practical examples mixed into the detailed course work that will provide a 360° view into product management.  Kuroshio has hired the right mix of talented practitioner and educator skills to put on a great course. I don't believe any person in product management wouldn't find some value in this course work and I will take it back to my client as a recommendation for external learning opportunity to keep them aligned to their project to product transformation.

Ross B. (Chief Enterprise Architect & Agile Transformation Leader)

It is rare that I take a course that I can implement immediately but this one is pragmatic to the core. This course is broken down so well and the fireside chats were such a good touch, I really felt like I was there. I also loved that I was asked to do an exercise for each section (there's four) so I could practice what I had learned. The instructors and experts leading this course are highly adept and very passionate about this work and it shines through. Jamie Bernard explains MVP and her frustration with them being used incorrectly struck me deeply. I loved hearing her talk about them as an experiment first and foremost. In one of the modules, Will said "life is too short to build something nobody wants." It hit me so hard that I had to pause, write it down, and do some immediate soul searching. The last module that detailed metrics was the most practical and applicable for me. I'm not actually a product person but I'm leading an organizational transformation so I'm primarily focused on operations and strategy. Overall, this entire course was so fresh and different. 5/5 starts and would recommend!

Sarah S. (VP Agile Operations, ConstructConnect)

I've been fortunate enough to participate in training opportunities offered by Kuroshio Consulting, and I can tell you I was equally excited to take their newest course, "Practical Product by Design: The Foundations of Product Management for Agile Teams." The instructors know the material better than anyone and can clearly present frameworks and methods that create shared understanding and a common language of innovation. Every product and design leader who needs their teams trained in the foundations of product practices and mindsets should take this class! Definitely worth the value.

Charles P. (Director of Product Design, R&D, CCC Intelligent Solutions)