Practical Product by Design 


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4 weeks, online

4-6 hours per week

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$1,800 USD

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Course Overview 

How do you ensure that you're building the right capabilities to solve the most challenging problems to drive the right business outcomes in your organization? 

Learn the foundations of product management for agile teams, including the importance of contextualizing frameworks against the product lifecycle, the core competencies and practices of customer-problem identification, decision support metrics to measure for growth and scaling, and how to action on your product roadmap to achieve business objectives. 

It's what we consider a foundational course in enabling the drive towards value realization and adopting an outside-in perspective. 

Who Should Attend?

Take this course if you...

  • are stuck in a feature factory and would like to reframe your backlog around value
  • are making investment decisions and are unsure about how to measure success
  • are unsure about what skills you need to have to perform as a Product Manager
  • are stuck in your career and are looking to advance your skill set to uplevel your job prospects
  • are looking for a practical approach to Product Management

Product Management roles manifest in organizations in wildly different ways. Often, a person’s perception on what products and product management is, comes directly from how they are exposed to the role inside a functioning system. In those instances, we have discovered that a gap tends to exist in Product Managers’ understanding and application of foundational product principles versus delivering features on time based on an annually funded project set.

We have created a practical Product Management Foundations course to help close some of these gaps between organizational customization of the role to a more industry-standard understanding of the role. We did this to help create a better, industry agnostic understanding of product principles and how to place a lens of delivering value to a customer over every product decision you make. This class is best for early-to-mid-career Product Management professionals who are looking to expand their product skills or for mid-career professionals who are looking to make a change to Product Management but might have a technical or Marketing background.

What are the key benefits?

In a nutshell, we’ll teach you the theory and show you how to apply it practically in your work context. The key benefits include:

  • Develop a strategic mindset that anchors product/service strategy as the pathway to customer-centricity and top-line growth
  • Analyze new product/service opportunities to arrive at trade-off decisions effectively
  • Identify, prioritize, and sequence Product Roadmap aligned to strategic objectives
  • Create customer personas, positioning, and messaging to activate customer behaviors, validate hypotheses, and measure change.
  • Measure and manage the performance of the system to improve product throughput to accelerate time from idea to cash.

What is the course content?

You’ll gain a broad understanding of the foundations of product management and, more importantly, how to practically apply the learnings, frameworks, and methods directly to your work.

Module 1:  Foundations of Product Management

  • What is Product and what is Product Management?
  • Product Myopia and the Four Myths
  • The Product Lifecycle?

Module 2: Design Thinking Customer Discovery

  • Why Customer Research?
  • Types of Customer Research (Observation, Ethnography and Contextual Inquiry)
  • Planning and Conducting Customer Research
  • Tools & Frameworks (Behavioral Impact Personas, Customer Journey Mapping)

Module 3: Agile PM Road Mapping to Releases

  • Jobs-to-be-Done Framework
  • Agile Requirements Cascade: Epics, Features and Stories
  • Prioritization and Sequencing of Epics
  • Impact Mapping to Value 
  • The Product Roadmap and Three Horizons Model

Module 4: Measuring and Managing Product Effectiveness and Growth

  • Why Metrics Matter 
  • Types of Metrics (Strategic/Product/Operations), Leading and Lagging Indicators 
  • Strategic Metrics (Defining Objectives and Key Results)
  • Product North Star Metrics 
  • How to Use Metrics to Inform Improvement, Refine Backlog and Course Correct Strategy

What is the learning experience?

Your learning experience will consist of frameworks delivered via video lectures, real world examples, tailored assignments and quizzes, discussion boards, and instructor engagement via weekly office hours and personalized assignment feedback.

An estimated learner effort is 4-6 hours per module, which will be spent on a variety of activities aligned to learning outcomes:

  • Engaging with recorded video lectures
  • Learning about core topics and frameworks
  • Completing knowledge checks, quizzes, and homework assignments
  • Engaging in moderated discussion groups with your peers
  • Attending office hours with instructors 
  • Practical, hands-on How-tos and Job Aids to learn and improve product skills
  • Reading or engaging with additional reference materials or resources

Watch previews below.

Empathy matters, with Will Haas Evans

Product innovation, with Jamie Bernard

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